FO: Lettucefrog Socks

It’s on projects like these that my identity as a process knitter is  solidified, I preferred the look of my original pattern for this yarn, however I disliked knitting those socks, so I frogged, and in one of the quickest turn arounds on a pair of socks for me, I found one that was more fun to knit.

For me knitting is about the act of making the stitches and making the item.  I do really enjoy wearing my knitting, it is warm, beautiful and gives me a deep sense of pride, but the act of making it is far more important than the finished object.  I would not  have ever finished the first pair of socks, they weren’t something my fingers wanted to make, however, I found something that was a blast to knit and turns out look pretty awesome on my feet too.

So with this pair, I have finished five pairs of socks this year, so I’m still on track for my Sock of the Month plans.

– Details –

Project Name: Lettucefrog Socks

Pattern: Leapfrog Socks by Debbie O’Neill in Sockupied, Spring 2012

Recipient: Me

Yarn: Sweet Georgia Yarn, Tough Love Sock in Lettucewrap


  • Shortened Cuff and Leg: I don’t like super tall socks, my calves are too big for most sock patterns without shaping so I shortened up the leg and cuff to make these more wearable.

New Skills:

  • The stitch pattern was new to me, but for the most part I’m getting really comfortable with the base sock patterns so I’m going to have to go out of my way to try different constructions to expand my sock knitting skills.


  • Yarn: What can I say, I’m in Love with Tough Love!  A great yarn to knit the color is fabulous, it is mostly a solid but with some depth without seeming too multi.  And it washes beautifully, I machine wash and dry all my socks, and the socks are even nicer after a trip through the laundry.
  • Pattern: Overall, a good pattern. I enjoyed the Sockupied iPad format, although the patterns are stand alone PDFs that are linked to the app. But the app itself is really quite fun and takes advantage of the interactive nature of the iPad.

Re-Knit?: Nope, nice socks, but the 20 sock patterns in my queue are ahead of a remake on this pair, however I do like the way this pair fits.


FO: Second Try Mittens

So, I have tried this mitten pattern before, it didn’t work so well.  However, I found a new pattern for the yarn, and figured out why that yarn didn’t work, so I decided it was time to work the right pattern in the right yarn.

The pattern was a great break after working on fingering weight yarn and tiny needles.  The knitting went really quickly, and I managed to knit the thumbs during a conference call.

I am excited to wear these this fall, they are a bit too loose of a gauge to work in the dead of an Ontario winter, but they will be warm and wooly (thanks to the alpaca, non-felty) through the fall.

Project Name: Second Try Mittens

Pattern: Shelburne by Lee Juvan from Knitty, Winter 2011

Recipient: Me!

Yarn:  Rowan Felted Tweed Chunky in Seaweed


  • Knit two at a time, cuff down.

New Skills:

  • None

Feedback: The pattern works much better when you think about the type of yarn.  Like most Knitty patterns it is a good pattern, however it is annoying to have to transcribe the patterns into a word processor to be able to get it on a minimal number of pages.

Re-Knit?: Probably not, unless my mom actually steals them, as she has been threatening.