About Me

Hi, my name is Christina and I am a knitter, spinner, crocheter, weaver and occasional felter (usually on purpose).

My site, Green Bean’s String Factory is named for me, Bean to my family and friends, my obsession with green (the color and the concept) and my nasty habit of spinning fluff in to string and turning string into stuff (although I am still learning how to use my own handspun to the best benefit).

My love affair with green (the color) far outdates my love of fiber, when I was a tender 2 years old I selected a mint-green carpet for my bedroom and it was all downhill from there.  Now, as I get closer to 30 than 20, most of the things I own are green, from my car to my bike to my running shoes, my favorite bowl is green, as are my toothbrush (both my electric and regular ones), my razor and my shower pouf.  My computer bag, my ipod … you get the idea. Oh and green tea is my favorite way to consume caffeine, and green grapes are way better than red grapes.

My love affair with green (as a concept) is also runs deep.  I am not quite sure where my interest in the environment started (although my mother is a gardener so it may have been born in utero), but I know it became a major part of my life when I started wilderness canoeing in Northern Ontario when I was 11. I spent 7 years canoeing at my summer camp, then another four guiding canoe and kayak trips in the Georgian Bay area.  I went off to University to study philosophy, but ended up in Geography.  I went off to Grad School to study Community Planning and came out wanting to do trail management.  I do best when my job includes outdoor work, I get antsy and cranky (just ask my family) when I spend all day inside.

My affection for fiber may not be as ancient as my love of green, but it is deep and abiding.  I first learned how to knit in high school, my aunt taught me how to knit dishclothes, you know the ones, garter stitch bias knit with the eyelet edging.  My first dish cloth looked like a stingray (the Handicrafter cotton was just so splitty) but I persevered, and knit many dishclothes, and then scarves.  I knit on and off through university (never buying good LYS wool) and then in grad school discovered Ravelry, and my local LYS in Austin, Texas.  At that point it was off to the races, I have been an inveterate knitter since then.  Last summer, after discovering the Phat Fiber group on Ravelry and their sample box program, I decided I wanted to learn to spin. I picked up a few spindles, and then got a spinning wheel, an Ashford Traveller Double Drive, Double Treadle, for Christmas.  I have been spinning like a madwoman ever since.

This blog is my way of tracking my projects and a way of trying to make sense of my crazy habit.