FO: Hug Me Cowl

So about that Christmas knitting, it’s best to get it started as early as possible, and getting it done feels good.  Except when that Christmas knitting is from 2011.  Yes, that’s right I finally started and finished my Christmas 2011 knitting.

This cowl was a gift for my Mom, originally the gift was of yarn and the lessons and needles to knit the project (she was interested in getting back into knitting) or if not a new cowl for the next winter.  After a winter, spring and summer it was becoming abundantly clear that she wasn’t going to be a knitter it was time to knit up a cowl for her.

The name of the cowl is telling, the designer called it cocoon me, but to me it is hug me cowl, because that is what I ask my mom to do, Hug Me.  So hopefully, this will be a nice hug for her all next winter.

– Details –

Project Name: Hug Me Cowl

Pattern: Cocoon Me Cowl by Rose Beck from RosyPosy Designs

Recipient: She who hugs me, my Mom.

Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label in Sand


  • Converted Garter Edging to Ribbing – I hate garter in the round, so I changed the edging to a 2×2 rib and it flowed straight into the pattern

New Skills: None in particular


  • Yarn: I like Tanis’ colors but Green Label is not my favorite base, there is something about it that just doesn’t work for me.  Also, Sand is a great color.
  • Pattern: Great pattern, love that it’s reversible, but P5Tog is my furthest from favorite stitch and I use a crochet hook to keep myself from going crazy.

Re-Knit?: Nope, the P5tog is pretty much what is keeping me from doing this again,


6 thoughts on “FO: Hug Me Cowl

    • It’s a great cowl, and honestly with a small crochet hook the p5tog is no big deal, you just pull through with the hook and place on the needle.

      I’m not sorry I made it but I probably won’t make it again, if that makes any sense.

  1. Really pretty cowl – nicely done!

    I am totally with you, both on Tanis’s Green Label (but for some reason I really like her Yellow Label – go figure!) and the P5tog…that would probably keep me from doing this pattern as well.

    • Thanks!

      I agree, Green Label isn’t my fave but I do like her Blue, Purple and Red (haven’t used Yellow, Pink or Silver, yet). Also, her naming convention is great, so easy to remember which base is which.

      Honestly, the pain of the p5tog is passing, it makes such a great cowl that you forget all about it when your done.

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