Tour de What?

So, here we are more than a week into the Tour de Fleece and I have spun ….

Pretty much nothing.

This is less than an ounce of fiber … yeah not exactly volume.

While last year’s tour had me totally engaged, this year I have zero interest in spinning.  Maybe it’s my current work schedule that takes two perfectly good hours out of my day, (well more than that because I take a lunch and work a slightly longer day, making my work day an hour longer than my last job), maybe its the really interesting knitting projects I want to get done before the Ravellenics, maybe I just don’t want to spin right now.

I think spinning is a Fall winter endeavor for me, I don’t know but I seem to engage with it better when the weather is colder and the evenings are dark or something.  To me its something to be done fireside, not poolside.

But knitting, I have been having a fantastic run with knitting.  Between the time I write this post (1:30pm) and when I will probably get around to posting it, (after dinner) I will be finished up a pair of socks, my July socks, Don’t Blink.

So I did finish the socks, and they are awesome.

Also, I’m more than halfway through my Spectra scarf and my Secrets of Change shawl.  If I time this right I will only have my purse socks and the Muir shawl left on my needles on July 27th when it’s time to cast on for the Ravellenics (formerly the Ravelypmics). Then I can just work on these long term projects, and weaving before the mass cast on, because I want to have a clean queue so I can get through some serious knitting during the Ravellenics.

Summer is getting to be pretty nice here in Parry Sound, it is much easier to knit and watch the sunset than spin and watch the sunset.

So don’t weep for me Tour de Fleece, I’m having a very fibery July, and maybe I will dedicate November to spinning, a much better month to be at my wheel.


2 thoughts on “Tour de What?

  1. ha! i have the opposite problem. i like to spin in the summer sunshine on my porch and cozy up in a blanket with a sweater project and a nerdy movie in the winter 🙂

    • Nice! Also you make such gorgeous handspun I can’t imagine you not spinning.

      I totally get into moods about my different crafts, where I will either knit, spin or weave obsessively to the detriment of the other activities. Last year the TdF fit with a spinning jag, this year it is a knitting jag (I went through a knitting slump all summer last year).

      I figure its all fun so really, its not like the TdF police are monitoring my spinning or anything.

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