Day 2 – Photography Challenge Day

Today challenges you to be creative with your photography, and get yourself in with the chance to win the photography prize.

For @indigodragonfly the "cowl" that is too short and currently being held in a loop by knots.

While this picture is not particularly special, or well staged, for me it tells a story, a story of connection in the fiber world.

I took this picture with my phone on Saturday night to let someone, whom I have never met in person, see the cloth I had just taken off my loom.  She is a friend, and purveyor of fine yarns, and despite being hours away I was able to instantly respond to her with a photo within minutes.

It’s not the best picture but it captured a moment that was important to me and one that had it not been for my iPhone I wouldn’t have been able to make a connection with another person across the province and the world.

Photographs have power beyond their perceived quality, they can capture a moment, and now that everyone has cameras in their pockets with instant connection to flickr, facebook and twitter there are more of these little moments that everyone can capture in the future.  I am not a picture snob, the more the better!


8 thoughts on “Day 2 – Photography Challenge Day

    • Come to the darkside!

      A Cricket loom is so cheap, I got mine with a full set of reeds and shipping for less than $300, and they are cheaper in the States.

      I am excited to learn more about weaving, it is really quite soothing and a great brain exercise when you start looking at all the fancy weaves.

      I just think of it as another way to enjoy the yarns I love, and I haven’t even started weaving with handspun yet I am looking forward to that.

    • I have moved, many many times in my life and I appreciate that I can keep up and connected with friend who in an earlier age I would have had to made expensive international calls or written letters to.

      Instead, I can look at the pictures of their weddings and babies (and pets) and stay connected without challenge. I don’t have to lose their friendships, just because my education and work has taken me away from them.

    • I could live without my phone, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun!

      Instagram filters are super fun, but the yarn is super pretty in real life.

    • You should try out a RH loom. They are really rather inexpensive (all things considered) and fairly quick to master. I just like having another way to play with yarn and fiber rather than only knitting and crocheting.

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