WIP Wednesday: April 18th

I had a fairly busy weekend so not much fiber art-ing happened, and there have been no changes to the stole or spinning in the past week.  Both the socks are coming along although they need to speed up considerably for either pair to be finished by the end of the month. I have 8 of 12 repeats done on the cowl and so that should be finished up in a night or two of focused work.

I am nearly done with the cloth I have on the loom right now.  I am finally getting my selvages looking good and balanced between sloppy and too drawn-in.  I totally messed up the warp tension on this, however I am pressing on and learning the proper techniques (note to self, don’t finger comb the warp before it is tied onto the fabric beam and get a better warp separator).

At the very top are some rolags I made this morning with the hand cards I picked up many moons ago.  I downloaded a whole bunch of Interweave videos this past week, one of which is the How I Card video that highlights 4 different handcarding techniques.  While watching the video I finally got the nerve to break out the handcards and some Cormo fleece I got from bohoknitterchic and start carding.  I am really loving the rolags and I will probably be swapping out my bobbins so that I can start spinning them.

I have heard rumors it is going to be a nasty weekend so I may get some good hands-on fiber time and finish up a few projects (and maybe start a few others, my tatting showed up on Monday).


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: April 18th

  1. Gotta love a busy week…I can’t wait to see the cloth though! If the color is as zing as the scarf, it’s going to look awesome! As for the weekend weather, I sure hope you live near me!

    • I’m up in Ontario and we are calling for rain and 50oF so it should be a good weekend for curling up on the couch.

      My plan with the cloth is to sew the edges together and make it into a wide (9″) summery cowl. I lost a bunch of length on the warp due to beginner’s mistakes so it is going to be too short for a scarf no matter what, so hopefully it will be long enough for a twice around the neck cowl.

      You are right, it is a great color, perfect for spring and summer.

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