Adventures in my own backyard

I love the whimsy of the eggs in the tree.

On Easter Sunday I figured I needed to get out of the house (and away from my knitting/spinning/weaving which is fun but quite sedentary) and so I put on my shoes and went for a little adventure in my own town.  Armed with my iPhone for my This American Life fix, and my camera,  I headed out for a little walk, 2.5 hours and 10km later I had been on a little adventure in my own backyard.

It is amazing how I can live in such a small town (pop. 6,190, 5.16 sq. mi.) and still find new places to wander through and check out.

I found these old ruins (well not that old) in a spot that is devoid of current development, it is along a current snowmobile trail and is likely an old train line. I wonder what it used to be?

The first trail I went off on was a sled (snowmobile) trail that isn't open in the off-season but as I was on foot I wasn't doing any damage. These trails aren't managed in the summer so all the water crossings were "crowd-sourced".

The Georgian Bay (granite) rock is inescapable. This is some of the oldest rock on earth, thanks to the glaciers and the Pre-Cambrian Shield we have a globally unique landscape.

It was a grey day, but it was a great time.  It’s fun to see what secrets are hiding in your own community.