What is that loom-ing on the horizon?

Photo Courtesy of Schacht Spindle Co. (as I don't have mine yet)

A new addiction perhaps?

Now that the weather is warming and I am trading my knit cowls for factory woven scarves/stoles/pashminas my mind starts to go to weaving.

When most people think of weaving they think of looms the size of rooms, and that is very much a part of weaving however I wanted to start weaving on a Rigid Heddle loom.

After much agonizing over which one, I decided to get a Schacht 10″ Cricket.  Partly because it was in stock and a quick ship, but also because I think I am going to enjoy weaving so I would like to get a larger loom later. Also, I wanted to make sure I didn’t “overbuy” and find myself with redundant equipment.  I was glad to find out one of my favorite yarn peddlers, indigodragonfly, is a Schacht dealer which is big trouble for me as Schacht makes some of the most awesome spinning wheels and looms.

I am now waiting for it to get in the mail and wing its way to me, I am hoping it will arrive before the Easter Weekend as my Staked Socks will be done (although it is seeming less and less likely that they will be done in March, but hopefully before the end of the weekend as I am only halfway through the cuff of the second sock.


3 thoughts on “What is that loom-ing on the horizon?

  1. I have the Cricket, and love her dearly!!! And once you start with one loom, there is a condition I like to call OFATAS: Obsessive Fiber Art Tool Acquisition Syndrome. It afflicts many of us, newbies and experienced alike. I bought my first table loom in October, which tells you how new to weaving I am. That was rapidly followed by the Cricket, weaving sticks, 3 peg looms, an inkle, a lucet, a tapestry loom, a Schacht Flip that hasn’t arrived yet, a spinning wheel, a spindle…it just goes on and on!! Happy weaving!

    • So very, very true. I have 3 spindles (including a Golding and a Threadsthrutime Turkish), a spinning wheel, hand cards, 2 full sets of KP interchangeable knitting needles (wood and metal), a set of crochet hookds and I have my eyes set on a tatting shuttle.

      Doomed I say, doomed! In the best sort of way.

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