FO: Brick Cowl

It often seems that my knits look better on my bears rather than me.

Back in September, Tanis of Tanis Fiber Arts, and purveyor of awesome yarn, announced not only that she was releasing new colors, but also a new base, Red Label.  Red Label is a sport-weight merino/cashmere/silk single and it is so pretty.  The one catch with Red Label is that Tanis was dyeing it as a test run for the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters’ Fair, and it was unclear whether it was going to be a permanent part of the collection.  As much as I wanted to drive 5 hours to get a single skein of yarn, I didn’t.  Thankfully that is where Carla stepped in, she contacted Tanis and arranged for me to get a skein of Red Label in Brick for my birthday in October.

The yarn was awesome and I didn’t know right away what I wanted to use it for, however after coming across the Imogen Cowl I knew I had a match made in heaven.  For the Tanis KAL in January I cast on but it wasn’t at the top of the to-do list and it has been hanging over my head for a few months so I decided to get it done so I can start spring knitting.

A perfect balance of silk sheen and fuzzy halo.

 So here it is, my Birthday Brick Cowl, finally done, just in time for a +22C day.

– Details –

Project Name: Birthday Brick Cowl

Pattern: Imogen Cowl by Carrie Bostick Hoge of maddermade/swatchdiaries

Recipient: Me

Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Red Label in Brick


  • Shortened:  I had about 200yds less yarn than the pattern calls for so I used a scale and maxed out the yarn I had.

New Skills:

  • True Lace: While this isn’t the first time I have attempted True Lace (patterning on both sides, no resting row) it is one of the first patterns I have completed, I think.


  • Yarn: LOVE!  It is so different that so many of the other yarns out there it is a real treat.  It has shine (Silk) and a wonderful fuzzy halo (cashmere).  Often times with singles yarn you do see knots, I didn’t have any in mine but there were some fuzzy joins that looked like a spit-splice, which was odd but not deadly.  The color is fantastic, it has awesome hits of greens and browns that make it a perfect fall color.
  • Pattern: Great Pattern.  I am a less is more, brevity is the soul of wit, kind of knitters so this one was great for me.  Clear, concise with a good chart, although I think P2TogTBL may be the most evil stitch invented (along with Nupps) I managed to have it sorted by the end.

Re-Knit?: Nah, again too many patterns, not enough time.  Also if I were to work this lace pattern again I would do it in the round to avoid p2togtbl.


4 thoughts on “FO: Brick Cowl

    • It is a really nice yarn and it would feel nice if the weather wasn’t so much like summer here in Ontario right now.

      I haven’t seen any other dyer use a base yarn like this so if you like merino/cashemere/silk try out this one and also another fave dyer of mine, indigodragonfly, just launched an MCS sock (plied) that is really nice as well.

    • Thanks! It was a good combo of awesome yarn and a great pattern. I love it when they come together the way they should.

      Once it cools off a bit I think I will be wearing it non-stop.

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