FO: Forest Baby Legwarmies

I hope that a baby's feet are a bit smaller than bear feat because these were a bit tough to put on.

So as I mentioned before, there is a bit of a baby boom going on with my sister’s friends, but when I heard that one friend in particular was expecting I broke down and started planning out baby knits.  While I really like this friend, she is also a guinea pig, a test to see what sort of knitting I want to do for the impending baby boom amongst my friends (who are still in the wedding boom phase).

This was the first item I finished and I’m quite pleased with the Legwarmies pattern by Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting (and more recently Coastal Knits fame).  It is the kind of item I probably could have figured out on my own, but this was just easier.  I have finished up all the baby knits and you will be seeing them over  the next couple of days.

I ran knitting elastic through each of the cuffs to help them keep their sproing between washings. I didn't tension the elastic while installing so it won't make the legs to tight, and because it was installed after finishing the knit, if the baby finds it uncomfortable the mum can just cut it out without damaging the knitting.

– Details –

Project Name: Forest Baby Legwarmies

Pattern: Legwarmies by Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting

Recipient: Forest Baby (this is a nickname Carla and I came up for this baby because the family lives in a cute little cabin in the forests of Carling Township)

Yarn: KnitPicks Felici Sport in Recess (a 2011 Color)


  • Knit TAAT  (Two At A Time) – That way there was just knitting, no counting
  • Extra Long – I wanted to use up most of the single ball I had
  • Elasticized Cuff – I followed the instructions on TECHknitter (who if you haven’t read her before, go now, she is awesome) and used some tan colored knitters elastic I got at my local sewing store.

New Skills:

  • Elasticized Cuff – I can’t see myself doing this for socks, but I would consider it in a beret or two that sack out too quick.


  • Yarn- This was my first disappointing experience with Felici, the ball had a disgusting join and big jump in color.  This is the first time this has happened to me.  I ended up cutting out a big section and using a magic knot (scroll down to find the video, I didn’t want to link straight to YouTube because I find it startling when videos autoplay when I open a link) I reattached the colors, however I wasn’t thinking and I ended up making the green section too long.  I decided it didn’t matter as the kid would never notice and mismatched stripes are kinda cute.   I know this happens with yarn, and I am not going to freak out over it, I have tons of Felici in my stash that is totally fine so this was a fluke ball.
  • Pattern- The pattern was fine, it is the kind of thing I could have figured out myself, but it was nice having a pattern, also it was a good starting point for sizing as I have never really been around infants.

Re-Knit?:  Very likely, this along with the Baby Vertabrae, which will be published tomorrow, are in the running for my go-to baby gift knitting, however there is another good contender, the Tourmaline Set, which is finished and will be up here early next week.


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