What to knit for a baby boom?

Two of the three yarns were in my stash and I spent most of yesterday swatching and trying to cast on.

Here in the town of Parry Sound, pop. 6,191 (according to the 2011 Census figures released last week) we are having a mini-baby boom, well at least amongst the people I know.  Between last October and this October I know 8 couples (most who are friends of my sister) who have had, or are expecting a baby. And they are all boys, well not exactly, one couple adopted a beautiful little girl and for one person the gender isn’t known, yet.

Most of these folks aren’t close enough to rate knitting, but one, who is expecting a boy in May, totally is.  She is a very close friend of my sister and Carla is hosting her baby shower.  So when faced with the imminent arrival of an adorable baby boy what is a person to knit?

Right now I am considering some Legwarmies by Alana Dakos made from some KnitPicks Felici Sport, a super soft, superwash self-striping yarn, actually the same stuff I am making my just finished pair of vanilla socks out of.  I am also thinking I will take a hint from the Yarn Harlot who made a Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker for one of the littles in her life.  I know it is silly to make such a tiny sweater, but it so freaking cute and I found a great color of SweetGeorgia Superwash DK to make it in.  Also the Baby Vertabrae by Kelly Brooker is also totally adorable, and made out of sock weight, KnitPicks Stroll Tonal in Kindling a really nice brown, in a larger size can serve all through the cool summer evenings and crisp fall mornings.

I have some very small, and adorable knits up next, but I haven’t forgotten about my Sock of the Month plan, I am knitting away on my stripe-y vanilla socks and then I will jump straight to the legwarmies and then into my next pair of socks, Staked by Glenna C out of a nice red yarn, the TFA 2011 Year in Colour club shipment from November.  Of course when I ordered the SweetGeorgia for the Forest Baby (as we call the baby I’m knitting for) I had to throw in some sock yarns to try out, so I have some BFL Sock, Silk Crush Sock and Tough Love Sock headed this way.  But I won’t be swayed, Buffy socks like Staked need to make from a nice red yarn.


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    • Thanks! I am going to make them all as “practice” so I can figure out what I want to make when the real baby boom comes. Being in my late 20s the wedding boom is imminent and the baby boom follows soon after.

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