So long, farewell to January

I lost my cell phone and yet I was more upset when I though I lost this mitten. Thank the knitting deities that the kind folks of No Frills Parry Sound rescued it from the horrible fate of being lost in a parking lot.

Wow, January was a ridiculously long month.  I know it had 31 days, just like all the other 31 day months, but between work, the KAL and my personal life, it somehow was so, so much longer.

The TFA parcel arrived, the pattern isn't my thing but the yarn is just awesome.

So on the good side, I applied for a really interesting job, I won a few battles at work, I knit a new pair of socks, a cowl and an ear band for my dad, I managed to get out XC skiing quite a few times considering the unseasonable weather and learned how to iron binding and serge minky quilts.

I had to leave this sweet, fuzzy ... (don't worry she is just fine)

On the down side, I had to move, I lost my cell phone (and as far as I can tell it is in a snowbank outside my old house), my car kinda broke but was easily fixed, although it had to get towed 90km, I didn’t finish my Red Label cowl, I’m fighting more battles at work and I don’t know where I’m going after my contract ends in April.

... to hang out with this cat.

So I say screw you to January and welcome to February, where the days are longer, the Poker Ride is over (well on the 12th anyway), and I am living with my parents (oh wait I don’t know if that is better, but at least it is cheaper!).