FO: Shadow Buttons Cowl

While both my sister and I are knitters, rarely do our queued projects. However, we both fell in love with the Buttons Cowl by Tanis Lavallee (yes the Tanis of TFA) and thanks to having very different aesthtics we came out with very different looking cowls.  I don’t think she has managed to get any pictures of her’s yet, but it is a fantastic pink (Royal Flush) with black leather-y buttons, and totally full of win!

While her’s is full of energy and drama, mine is more calm and serene.  Shadow is an amazing color, and looks beautiful with all the activity (cables and bobbles) in the pattern.

I do have to give a shout out to my mom, who put the buttons on the cowl for me.  I am not much of a seamstress (which to me is a different skill than just sewing) and when I asked for the tools to put the buttons on she offered to do it for me, and I was happy to accept.

– Details –

Project Name: Shadow Buttons Cowl

Pattern: Buttons Cowl by Tanis Lavallee for Tanis Fiber Arts

Recipient: Me

Yarn: TFA Green Label in Shadow

Modifications:  None – done as is, and I even used the yarn the pattern called for, which may be a first!

New Skills:

  • Button Holes – Technically I have done buttonholes before, but it has been a while and I think I have a better hang of it this time.
  • Bobbles – While I have done nupps a few times now this is my first time with bobbles.  I must say the extra row of stitches (and the fact you aren’t doing p7tog) make bobbles more fun than nupps.


  • Yarn: As I said with the earband, Tanis has amazing colors, but the Green Label isn’t my favorite, it is just a bit too twisty and hard, but those attributes made it the right yarn for this pattern.
  • Pattern:  A great finished product but I did find the pattern a touch confusing, my interpretation T2L/T2R twisted stitch resulted in some trouble until I found a Knitting Daily link.  Also the explanation of the button location seemed needlessly complex.  I think just a bit of tech editing would make a world of difference as of the three members of the guild who have made it this month, all three of us had troubles on the T2L/T2R stitches and two of us has some troubles on the buttonhole placement.

Re-Knit?: Nope, too many cowls not enough time!  But I would recommend it to others as a great single skein project.


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