FO: Dad’s New Year Earwarmer

So on Christmas morning, upon opening his matching hat/mitts set made by my sister and me, my Dad gave the appropriate amount of thanks and then mentioned that he would really appreciate an earband.  With the amount of yarn, TFA Green Label, remaning, the recent release of the Tabata earband pattern by Anne Hanson of knitspot, and the TFA January KAL starting on January 1st it was like a perfect storm of yarn, pattern and inspiration.

I managed to get this headband started and finished on January 1st, making it the first FO of the KAL (as far as I know). While it was a nice quick knit, it took me two weeks of procrastinating to get it blocked and gifted

– Details –

Project Name:  Dad’s New Year Earwarmer

Pattern: Tabata by Anne Hanson of Knitspot

Recipient: Dad

Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label in Olive


  • Adjusted Gauge for heavier wool and a denser headband.

New Skills:

  • Making an ear band … other wise nothing really.


  • Yarn – As always Tanis has beautiful color, personally I find the Green Label a bit too tightly plyed, and sproing-y, for my taste, but it makes beautiful cables.  It certainly has it uses and it worked well in this pattern.
  • Pattern – This was my first time getting all the way through an Anne Hanson pattern, I frogged two different lace scarves by her quite a while back (that was knitter failure not pattern failure).  What she lacks in graphic design she makes up for in tech-editing (which is superb).  Although the sheer extent of the size range can make  the pattern a bit tough to make sure you reading the right number.

Re-Knit?: Maybe.  It is an attractive, quick pattern that makes a very functional item. I might be tempted to use the shape and switch out the texture pattern to make it more interesting on a re-knit.


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