FO: Birthday Pumpkin Socks

I forgot to take pictures before I gave them to her, and when I went back for shots she wouldn't take them off.

While I know not everyone likes knitted things, I don’t knit on commission and generally don’t give knitted gifts, there is one person who gets knitted things, my mom.  Last year she got a Clapotis stole and this year a pair of socks.

Yes they are somewhat short cuffs, but they work for her.

This is her first pair of handknit socks, everything seemed to come together, a great pattern and a perfect colored yarn.

Project Name: Birthday Pumpkin Socks

Pattern: Hidden Treasure Pocket Socks by Cat Bordhi in  Cat’s Sweet Tomato Heel: An e-Book.

Recipient: My Mom.

Yarn:  KnitPicks Stroll Tonal in Foliage


  • I omitted the pockets, because my mom is unique, but she doesn’t want sock pockets.
  • I knitted at a tighter gauge than recommended, I accommodated by increasing the socks by one size and they were just the right size. I liked the way the yarn worked up at 9spi, also I figured they would be tougher
  • I knitted two at a time, because they are such plain socks I wanted them to be the same

New Skills:

  • Cat Bordhi’s Toe
  • Sweet Tomato Heel

Feedback: As promised the heel is much smoother than a standard flap and gusset heel, however I think I may have made the heels too narrow, which made them a bit tall.  I would like to play around with them a bit more and see if I can make the heel work, because it is an interesting, and tight heel.

Re-Knit?: Yes and no, I may do some of the STH patterns, because I think Cat is on to something good with this heel, but I probably won’t make the pocket socks again.


4 thoughts on “FO: Birthday Pumpkin Socks

    • I doubt this is the last pair she is going to get, she is very knitworthy and is an awesome mom. The best part is that our feet are almost the same size, so I can totally work on autopilot making them.

  1. Christina, they look awesome! Also, that reminded me to thank you again for the mustache neckwarmer you gave me… I wore it to go down hills in giant hamster balls,with water inside, but I don’t think you can really see it in any of the pictures 😦 But it’s great!

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