On Summertime and Snapshots

While my blogging has been sparse, my summer activities have been many.

Since the middle of July I have seen a bunch of my cousins, worked many hours, and enjoyed summer in my small tourist town.

I have been walking more for exercise so here are a few things I saw on my walk through town this morning.

Our Salt Pile: It's used on the roads across the region. The barge that brings it in is gigantic, it is really neat to watch it unload. To me, this looks so much like the North, everything from the sky to the water to the building.

Just some fun yellow flowers, I really loved the colors.

The granite of the Canadian Shield, the textures and the colors look like summer and Parry Sound to me.

I love the way the one flower is growing out of the riprap in front of the breakwater at our water treatment facility.

Thanks to working at the Wildflower Center when I lived in Austin, I love native grasses. I really liked the way the grass was moving and the neat old building behind it.

And more grass, I love the color, the shape, the seeds, the way it moves in the breeze. In some ways I think grasses are more interesting than flowers, mowing the lawn, however, is not my idea of fun.

The texture and colors, made this log of driftwood just look so interesting. There is so much driftwood in the sound, all the logging done west of Algonquin Park came down the Seguin River to Parry Sound, so there are many, many dead logs that sunk all around the harbor.

This little pathway through our main recreational trail along the shores of the sound (sound is a geographic term for "a large sea or ocean inlet larger than a bay, deeper than a bight and wider than a fjord; or it may be defined as a narrow sea or ocean channel between two bodies of land" according to Wikipedia). Parry Sound is a large opening off Georgian Bay, and is the name of the body of water and the town that sits alongside it. So there is a path along the water, but off the path, and all through town, are secret footpaths that connect one place to another.

So as a spend my summer wandering the secret, and not so secret, paths through town I will try to remember that the tourists come to our town because they like it, not because they want to make me crazy.