TdF: Week 1


Friday, July 1: Clean & Polish Wheel, New Drive Band (installed correctly)


Saturday, Day 1: 1hr -- Spun and plied a sample from Bohoknitterchic


Sunday, Day 2: 2hrs -- Spun and plied a batt from FiberFancy, Cherries & Chocolate. A bulky, woolen-spun, 2ply yarn, around 60yds and 57g.


Monday, Day 3: 30 min -- Started on Raspberry Tart, a 4oz Merino/Silk braid from Bohoknitterchic


Tuesday, Day 4: 30min - Continued on with Raspberry Tart

Wednesday, Day 5: 1hr - More than halfway through the first bobbin (I am doing a 3ply)

Thursday, Day 6: 10min - I was at a board meeting all evening, so here is a neat plant I saw while eating my dinner beside a lake before my meeting.


Friday, Day 7: 2min Working in the early evening and then binding off a cowl (Thought it would only take an hour, instead it took three) so here is another picture from Doe Lake


I have an busy weekend planned, so I am not sure how much spinning I will get to do, but I have my spindles prepped in case of travel.