On Hooking and Getting Hooked

So, last week I made a bold statement, that I was making socks.  I must now recant that statement, mostly because I good hooked on something else, hooking or rather crocheting.

The First Motif

I know many practitioners of crochet do refer to themselves as crocheters, many others seem to call themselves hookers, and as a former high school rugby player who got to play hooker in a few games, I find this title humorous and enjoyable.

So inspired both by Tanis of Tanis Fiber Arts and Lucy of Attic 24, I decided to use some of the KnitPicks Comfy Sport (75% Cotton and 25% Acrylic) I had picked up as a kit in coordinating colors to make my very own crocheted blanket.

My color palette for the project

Using the Hexagon How-To Pattern from Attic24 I set forth with my yarn and a size F (3.75mm) hook.  A week later I had this …

My first thirty flowers

So far I have made 30 motifs, using yellow for the centers and white for the final round. Most of the motifs don’t have their white outsides yet, because if you follow the instructions it includes directions to join motifs as as you make them rather than seaming at the end (also she has handy tips on weaving in ends as you go so there is no concern about all sorts of end tucking when you want to be snuggling under your new blanket).

So I have finished my first 30, using about 10g of each of the colors and I think I need to make the same amount twice more before I think about joining them.

So I’m hooked on this hooking thing, and hopefully in this breather before I make 60 more yellow center pieces, I can start my socks, because I really don’t want to have to reneg on a promise to myself.


2 thoughts on “On Hooking and Getting Hooked

  1. Wanted to try my hand at this type of project myself, but the color changes are scaring me lol. How hard was it – a pain in the neck to weave in ends or what? It just seems like a really good way to get creative with color…

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