Tour de Fleece: Start Line

So having spun for about 11 months now, 6 months on my wheel, the Tour de Fleece (TdF) seems like an ideal challenge.  The Tour de Fleece is a group on Ravelry who have challenged themselves to spin for the entirety of the Tour de France, which runs from July 2nd to 24th. The challenged started in 2006 and this year there are thousands of people particpating across the world.

The idea, is to have a giant, long, spin-a-long where everyone gets to challenge themselves in different ways.  Some people give themselves volume requirements (as in I am going to spin 3lbs of fiber), others challenge themselves to making really thin yarns, or seeing how much yarn they can spin (as in I want to spin 10km of yarn) or using a certain technique (art yarns, chain plys, singles) , while others challenge themselves to spin every day.

My TdF Stash - With fiber from Bohoknitterchic, FiberFancy, Gale's Art (all Phatties) and Fleece Artist and yes, there is a orangey, red theme to my Tour

This year I am joining Team Rookies (because it is my first year in the Tour), Team Ashford (because I will be spinning on my Ashford Traveller) and Team Phattie, (as pretty much all my fiber is from Phat Fiber artists).

So my challenges for the Tour are:

  • To spin every day, for a minimum of 10 minutes
  • To spin one yarn with a pattern in mind, which means being intentional about my spinning technique, yarn weight and trying to aim for specific lengths.
  • To spin some silk successfully
  • To spin at least one yarn:
    -Long Draw
    -From the Fold
    -Chain Plyed
  •  To spin with intention, and make sure that no matter what I enjoy the activity
Thankfully I have friday, Canada Day, off so I can get the fantastic ViolaViola BFL off the wheel and I will be ready to go for the Tour starting on Saturday.

WIP Wednesday: June 29th

Another week where the changes are of degree not kind - The socks are moving along well, I am past the magical heel turning stage and into the cuff ribbing. The cowl is growing nicely, I had four hours in a car on Monday so I added a bunch more to it then. I have about 30g left in the ball so it should be done sooner rather than later.

FO: Peaches, Theatre and Christmas

Peaches: Peachy Keen, DK (11 wpi), 55g, 70yd. Worsted Spun, Chain Plyed. My second chain plyed yarn.

Theatre: On Broadway, Sport (12wpi), 65g, 120yds. Worsted Spun, Two Ply. Was my first balanced yarn, needed very little blocking to hang straight.

Christmas: Orchid Christmas Twine, Worsted (9wpi), 40g, 40yd. Woolen spun, Chain Plyed. This is the inside of the orchid batt, and it was my first chain plyed yarn.

On Socks and Summer

So my socks have grown since Wednesday

Stripey, Stripey Goodness

So I am loving sock making and it will be no time before I am tackling the Marching On Socks from Glenna C. that inspired me to start making socks.

As of this afternoon I am just starting to knit the leg section, which I will be doing as a 2×2 rib.  It will make these socks fit my skinny ankles tightly.  Also, as these sock are called Kid Stuff (and are designed to be kid socks) so the ribbing, and the stripes, make them feel more fun.  I can see myself wearing these in the not-summer to help cheer me up.

Speaking of summer, it seems to be here on the shores of Georgian Bay.  While the tourists aren’t really here yet, the skies are clear, the Bay is warm and the blackflies are decreasing in number. However, the dour part of me has to pipe up and mention that since we have past the Summer Solstice the days only get shorter from here, however we have a few months before things get too dark and even then the tourists and cottagers will have gone back to the city, the fall air will be clear and winter will be here again, and since discovering cross-country skiing, winter is not nearly as hellish as it used to be.

So in addition to knitting socks and a cowl, and crocheting a blanket I am training for the Tour de Fleece.  Don’t know about the TdF?  You can find out more in the Ravelry group and I am right now putting together my goals and stash and will let you know my plans before the end of the week.

FO: Queen Anne-is Shawl


This shawl has somewhat of a curious name, it is my attempt at a portmandeau between the pattern name, Annis and the yarn name Queen Anne.  I bought this yarn last summer, mostly because of its name. My mothers name is Anne and when she would stay with her grandmother they would grind of colored chalk and use it to color Queen Anne’s Lace blossoms.  I haven’t given her the shawl, I don’t know if she really wants it, but the fun summer colors,  and the name, will always make me think of her.


Project Name: Queen Anne-is Shawl

Pattern: Annis by Susanna IC from Knitty Spring+Summer 2010

Recipient: Me or my mom, Anne

Yarn: KnitPicks Shadow Tonal in Queen Anne


  • None, I followed the pattern exactly for a change

New Skills:

  • None, having made a previous Susanna IC shawl, Norway Spruce, I was familiar with the bottom up crescent construction.
  • I did have greater success with the nupps that the last time I made them, in the Robin’s Egg Shawl.

Feedback: Unsurprisingly, due to it being a Knitty pattern designed by Susanna IC, it was a wonderful, fun, clear knit.

Re-Knit?: Probably not, I like it, but there are a whole bunch more Susanna IC shawls in Knitty and the Twist Collective to keep me busy for a while, before I need to get back to