Is Black Roving Really Black?

The weather outside was frightful, but I managed to make the day delightful.  The addition of Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly and Dr. Horrible), a soy chai latte, and spinning made every thing better.

Is Black Yarn Really Black?

This is my first REAL handspun.  I have spun up most of my first Phat Fiber Sampler, but this was the first time I did more than a few grams or was freaking out the whole time about messing up. The fiber was a merino top I pick up at the Gateway Fiberworks in Gravenhurst.  The owner, who was really helpful, told me that fiber had been dyed using the black Wilton’s cake dye.  That made me even more certain that I had to own it because when I was in Grade 4 I earned top prize at the Science Fair for an experiment called “Is Black Ink Really Black?” at looked at the way different black inks separated when subjected to capillary action.  It was a very cool experiment in a very cool book, The Science For Girls, and Other Intelligent Beings, which had similar results to what happened here.

One of the many awesome experiments in the book.

So in order to make this yarn I had to use an awesome tool which I bought for myself earlier this month.

My Awesome Golding Spindle

This is my 1.9oz Golding Ring Spindle.  It is amazing, using it has improved my spinning so much, while my Galia Spindle spun better than my Knit Picks Turkish Spindle, the weight of the Golding has allowed me to stop the “Park and Draft”.  This has helped me speed up my spinning.

My Spindle Family

There is something to that “you get what you pay for” saying with respect to spindles, at least in my experience. But they all work together to make some awesome yarns.


When Life Gets in the Way

I am sorry about my lack of posting. I have never been much of a journal-er so this whole blogging thing does not come naturally to me.

However, after many weeks if nice weather I have quite a few FOs that need photographing and weather which is not conducive to picture taking. So hopefully in the next few days I will get around to photographing: Carla’s Mittens (which I have been promising her since last winter), my Hawthorne Scarf/Shawl by Susana IC from the latest Twist Collective, the spinning I have done from the September Phat Fiber Box and two (soon to be three) of the cousin hats I have been commissioned to make for my Ottawa boy cousins.

Also a few life activities got in the way of blogging, the first being Canadian Thanksgiving and the second being my 26th birthday. Both were lovely affairs that involved pumpkin desserts and good company. And my beautiful Golding Ring Spindle arrived. That, and learning how to spin on the fly (rather than park and draft) have been taking up all my time.

Again, sorry for the photo-less post, but I hope to make up for it soon with a gallery of my FOs.

Testing … 1, 2, 3

So for the two weeks I have had only one thing on the needles, a shawl, Reverb by Melisa McCurley. This was a test knit, which means I was a guinea pig, but it was such a beautiful,  asymmetrical shawl which is likely to go back in my queue at some point to be made out of a solid or tonal sock yarn.

Here are some of its beauty shots.

Up against the wall

Yes, it is fall on Georgian Bay

Full details on the project can be found on its Ravelry project page (which is viewable even if you don’t have an account).  It had a hard deadline of being blocked and photographed by October 6th, and so it was tough this week because I had so much fun stuff show up in the mail.


This past week was exciting because I received a few boxes, including my Phat Fiber box, with all kinds of fiber-y goodness.  For those who are unfamiliar with Phat Fiber, it is a big box of fiber, either fluff, spun yarns or a mix of both that is a collection of samples from independent spinner and dyers around the world.  Each artist sends 50 sample to the Phat Fiber Lady (who is totally awesome) in Illinois who packages up a one of a kind box and then sells them through Etsy.

These boxes are released monthly (usually mid-month) and are based around a theme.  The September box was “Farmer’s Market” and my samples included all sorts of goodies that had names and colors like “Farmer’s Overalls” by , “Bok Choy” by , “Black Beauty Eggplant” by .  It was my first box, so I got a Mixed Box, however, if I were to win another box I would likely get just a fluff box.


Getting a box is very competitive as quantities are limited and you need to be sitting at your computer at the right time in order to get one, and have everything ready to go with Etsy and Paypal. If you are interested in getting one, it is best if you sign up for the email notification of sales.

Not only to you get fiber, you also get goodies like stitch markers, patterns, and coupons. The patterns this month are not to my exact taste, however they are really pretty and I may find myself pulling them out in future months.


I also got my box of Merino Top from CraftyQsPlace, a Phattie (ie. a Phat Fiber Contributor).  I plan on spinning it on my new spindle, which I will reveal when it arrives next week.

However, the fiber which I got on sale (which is always awesome), is absolutely gorgeous. Some of the colorways were from her Phat Fiber box contribution and other were just great color.

The last thing that came this week, again while my hands were tied up in Reverb, was from Eat.Sleep.Knit. This box was filled with wonderful kettle and hand dyed yarns from larger operations like Malabrigo, Lorna’s Laces, Madelinetosh, Dream of Color, Sweet Georgian and Squoosh Fiber Arts.  Some of them already have assigned project, other are still to be decided but I added another 5km of yarn to my stash.  Not a good thing, particularly when you have made a promise not to touch the new stuff till you finished your current WIP.

Also, I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I got a box from Knit Picks more than a week ago.  Mostly books, they had a great book sale going on, but I am on a bit of a sock yarn kick.  I like that it is thin, but has lots of spring and resilience (and nylon).  I also picked up some more needle felting supplies and spinning fiber.  Now I just need to start doing my own dying because it seems like lots of artistic fun.