Strange Bird, Strange Week/Weekend

So, I have been having a strange week and weekend.  Since August 15th I have seen all but one of my 14 cousins, all of my aunts and uncles.  While this is awesome, it is also super overwhelming.  However, I did compete in the Bobby Orr Triathlon on August 22.  I was the cyclist for a team with two of my cousins.

However, this is a knitting blog so I will discuss knitting.

I present to you, Strange Bird.

This is a very small shawlette that I test knit for Wonk of Wonk’s Works. It was a great fun knit, which I did in Knit Picks Palette in Golden Heather. I really enjoy working with Palette, mostly because it costs, at most $2.19 a ball, and with more than 100 colors, there is plenty of choice.

I got to use my KP needles, which are still totally awesome.

The pattern, which is now for sale on Ravelry and Wonk’s website, is fun.  My only issue is that I HATE fancy bind-offs, mostly because you think you are done and you have to do three times as many bind-off stitches as you think you have to.  A shawl or shoulderette that can be upwards of 300 stitches before you double that number doing a crochet bind-off or a picot bind-off.

Also, they require a whole lot of blocking.

But it sure is a pretty color and the pattern is really interesting.

So, in the end a great knit and lots of fun.  Also I have a beautiful fall shawlette for when the weather gets cooler.

Also, as part of my family weekend I went with my sister and two cousins to see Sarah Harmer.   It was, hands down, the best concert I have seen.  If you have a chance to see her, please, please, please go and support this amazing Canadian singer/songwriter.


Wedding Bells and Springtime Haruni

So, I have been a bit remiss in my knitting and blogging, I was in Ottawa for a wedding.  One of my closest friends from high school got married at the Billings Estate.  Fun times were had by all, including my good friend the Knitting Ninja.  We danced the night away with good friends and good music.

However, you are here for the knitting so here is my most recent Pre-Blocking HaruniPre-Block Haruni TextureThe crochet bind off was a bit of a bear, I will do things differently if I come up against that request in another pattern.

It blocked beautifully, even though I was doing it during a family dinner.

Blocked Haruni

So now that Haruni is off my needles I am starting up a few new projects including finishing Shifting Silt Scarf, working on a new pattern I am testing, and getting started on some Christmas knitting for relatives.  I am designing some hats for a few of my cousins and making some Bella Mitts for another cousin. I am being intentionally vague on the hats because they are going to be a surprise.

Farmer's Markets and Goodies and Blocking, oh my

So lots of updates since my last post.  I was having a hard time getting around to taking pictures so here come a whole bunch at once.

1. Pondering Rock Farm

Last weekend I went to the McKellar Market, in McKellar, Ontario.  It was lots of fun. This is the market’s first summer so there are only a few vendors, however Heather Darlington of Pondering Rock Farm.  She and her family have a number of sheep and a number of bees on their farm.

So Heather has great handspun, mostly single ply bulky, but a few other specialty yarns, but her colors are just incredible.  Last weekend I picked-up a skein of bulky in an aubergene/grass green colorway.  Turns out I didn’t have enough to make the cowl/wimple I am going to make for my mom.

Pondering Rock

It sure is pretty and it smells like wool.

So I went back this weekend and picked-up another skein of the bulky and two packages of roving.  One in white and the other in a natural grey/black color.  It is has a neat kink in it.

I have some plans for thrummed mitts and possibly some hand spinning.  I am planning on getting a drop spindle when I am in Ottawa next weekend.  Oh yeah, I am going to Ottawa next weekend for a wedding so if anyone has any suggestions of knitting spots to hit please send them my way.

2. New Washes and Yarns

Over the summer I have been acquiring the tools to be a knitter who lives in a small town.  Things like a swift and winder, and more recently blocking supplies.  I really wanted to get some SOAK Wash. I was looking for the SOLA Wash specifically because it was designed by Amy Butler my sister’s favorite fabric designer.  So, the only Canadian supplier was Valley Yarns.  In order to get my shipping free I had to order more stuff, so I added in a Malabrigo Sock yarn …

and some Handmaiden Sea Silk in Peridot

Seems like I will have lots and lots of great fibers to work with as fall comes along.

3. Robin’s Egg Shawl Blocking

So with the arrival of the SOAK Wash I decided it was time to finally block a few things, including the Robin’s Egg Shawl.


Post Blocking

I am really happy with this shawl.  It is a short one, but I figure that is fine for my first shawl.

So, lots of stuff happening, including my Springtime Haruni. I am just finishing up the edging, so I should have it ready to block before bedtime tonight so I may get some pictures of it tomorrow and have them posted later in the week.  So keep your eyes open for that.